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Get your name engraved on this eco-brush FREE! 

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Are you a Modern Hairstylist Summit attendee?

Thrivo's range of technology empowers independent stylists to thrive. 

Take your business to the next level with Thrivo's easy to use, next-gen technology suite.

Increase Salon Profit $$

New Scalable Business Model

Easy, Turn-Key Solutions

Enables Salon Sustainability 

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Why Choose THRIVO

New Scalable Business Models

Salons benefit from adding a new revenue stream that breaks free from the traditional time-based model.

Reduce Toil and Optimize Time

Streamline operations, reduce labor-intensive tasks, and optimize services for revenue and profit growth

Retain & Increase Client Value

Retain salon clients and increase their LTV with tailored solutions that seamlessly align with their lifestyle.

Environmentally Sustainable Solutions

Thrivo promotes sustainability through waste reduction and eliminating single-use plastics.


"The Thrivo system is the most important thing in our industry in a decade and a half.”

Heather Wenman

Owner of Studio H Artist Group

Salon Today 200 honoree 2022 

Tech Suite

Thrivo Tech Suite

Thrivo App

The Thrivo App is the central control hub for the entire Thrivo system, empowering salons with seamless management and enhanced customer experiences. By leveraging the app, salons can efficiently handle various aspects of their operations, while also unlocking new business models that adapt to the evolving needs of the industry.

Thrivo Omni

Thrivo Omni is a game-changing platform that empowers stylists to increase their revenue, optimize high-value services, and offer sustainable alternatives to at-home box color. By leveraging the Omni platform, salons can preserve and seal hair color, leading to enhanced client loyalty and the potential to serve new clients in the comfort of their homes. With Thrivo Omni, salons gain a competitive edge by delivering superior results and expanding their reach in the hair color market.

Thrivo FETCH

Thrivo Fetch is a patent-pending robotic dispensing and AI solution that transforms salon operations. With the ability to work with any hair color brand, Fetch automates mixing and dispensing processes, enhancing efficiency, consistency, and cost savings, while enabling real-time usage charging and predictive ordering for seamless hair color management.

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