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Salon hair color waste technology Thrivo

Empower your salon to Thrive with technology that eliminates

hair color waste

& grows Your profits.

Experience all of the benefits of bringing your salon into the 21st Century with Thrivo's suite of advanced hair color optimization technologies.

Is Thrivo right for your salon?

✔️ Are you sick of hair color waste taking a substantial chunk out of your profits?

✔️ Would you benefit from real-time analytics on all aspects of your hair color business?

✔️ Is there a possiblility that your salon could be more efficient and creative with special technology?

✔️ Do you want your salon to have a greener footprint on the planet?

If so, Thrivo is the ideal solution to modernize your salon's operational and creative capabilities in order to experience wide-reaching efficiency and financial gains.

Hair color waste is a systemic issue.

a quarter of your hair color costs are wasted.

Other industries utilize technology to resolve recurring issues because rules & oversight are not effective nor sustainable.

Salons benefit enormously with Thrivo 


Increased Profit

Thrivo's system makes it easy to eliminate hair color waste and improve efficiency saving you money.


time saved

Thrivo saves you and your team vast amounts of time on everything from ordering to mixing & recording formulas.


100% consistency

Satisfaction will soar with Thivo"s ability to accurately dispense color for stylists based on past visits.



Thrivo understands that empowering you to stop hair color waste isn't just good business but also good for Earth.  


data at a glance

Thrivo's dashboard provides you with real-time data which is crutial in making winning business decisions.


Smart Ordering

Advanced Thrivo algorithims are able to monitor usage, predict, & execute orders to fully optimize your hair color bar. 

How Thrivo drives real, lasting results

Salon owners and colorists working together ...assisted by state-of-the-art technology

(that's the secret sauce)

Thrivo Salon Technologies is redefining the way that salons and stylists mix and manage hair color. Their patent-pending hair color mixing, dispensing, and tracking technology puts powerful capabilites into your hands in order to empower your salon to drive real, long lasting growth.


Integrating robotics, AI, and advanced algorithms with the most user-friendly, Uber-simple app for mixing has provided salons utilizing part or all of Thrivo's suite of hair color optimization technology with a clear-cut advantage.    


Hair color mixing with the Thrivo system is significantly faster and approximately 30X more accurate than without the use of our technology. 

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Thrivo works for salons of all sizes and types

Thrivo's hair color technology suite can be tailored to suit the needs and business requirements of all salons. 

We are firm believers that all salons need to utilize technology for their hair color business in order to fully thrive which is why we designed our system to be extremely versatile. 

Boutique Salon

Large Salon

Booth Rental


How did we create this innovative system?

The Thrivo Technologies leadership team is made up of salon experts and some of the most talented engineers. Our engineering expertise spans robotics, aerospace, software, and much more meaning that we designed and developed everything with a relentless focus on meeting your needs as salon owners and hairstylists that would use, enjoy, and benefit from our technology on a daily basis.

When you choose to work with Thrivo you don't just get a world-class system, you receive a partner (a whole team actually) that is committed to seeing your salon thrive on a whole new level.

Learn more about who we are and why you should be working with us.