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the most innovative salons are utilizing our technology to make 

custom hair color kits

that don't Oxidize

Adapt to changing circumstances

by expanding your hair color service options to serve more clients safely

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The Omni1

An Advanced Haircolor Sealing System For The Highest Quality Kits

The Omni1 is an automated, negative pressure chamber that has been specially designed and proven to seal hair color at the press of a button.
  • Keeps mixed hair color good for up to 2 months.
  • at-home Kits are fully shippable.
  •  keeps your unique formula secret.
  • Kits have a professional appearance.
  • Environmentally-friendly sealing & reuse.
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High-end salons are using the Omni1 with great success

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So good you'll


at-home, customized

hair color kits

Paul Tambini discusses the Thrivo Omni1 and the need for salons to evolve with technology.  

Paul is a renowned stylist, salon owner and International salon educator. 

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the omni1 has numerous uses and benefits








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Frequently asked questions

Does my insurance protect me in the event that something goes wrong in the course of offering professional color kits?

Our understanding is that salons providing hair color kits to clients as a professional service are covered by a standard Professional Liability coverage policy.*

It is important that the kit be of high-quality and include a basic warning, and application instructions. Also, in the case of a new client, it is always advisable to provide a dye patch test to ensure the client doesn’t respond adversely to the hair color (something that the Omni1 allows for).  This guidance assumes root touch-ups and glaze applications, not for use with certain other applications.

*This is general non-legal guidance. You may want to review your specific policy and/or speak with your insurance broker to understand the terms of your individual coverage.



Are color kits permissible under my hair color manufacturer agreement?


Most manufacturer agreements prohibit the resale of “technical products” such as unmixed hair color tubes as this qualifies as “diversion.”  


We believe that dispensing and mixing a custom hair color formula in your salon for a client and then sealing it for delivery does not fall under this restriction.* This is because a “technical product” has it’s original, raw packaging. These color kits are better defined as a professional service that your salon is providing to a specific client. 


We believe that providing a professional service for a client, whether the client is in-salon or serviced remotely, whereby a licensed salon dispenses hair color pursuant to a personalized formula for a salon client is not a violation of these agreements. 

*This is non-specific, non-legal guidance.

Can I use my professional color manufacturer’s branding?

Do not add your color brand’s logo without permission by the manufacturer to the mixed hair color jar as this could be a violation of their intellectual property rights, and may be in violation of your manufacturer agreement.


Consider instead that the Omni1 allows you to provide professional-looking color kits to your clients - you can include your own branding, salon swag, and a personalized note instead.

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